PROJET POINT FINAL'S MISSION To educate and promote awareness to end impaired driving recidivism. To deliver a strong message, to inform and to educate those within the community who remain perilously uninformed concerning the widespread consequences of being in possession of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both.
DISCLAIMER The Projet Point Final website provides visitors with relevant information on the consequences of impaired driving. All content is subject to change without notice. This site is for information purposes only. Available are many links (press release, media) associated to official organizations that may educate or help persons involved with this offence. Some articles may be outdated, but are still relevant to the Point Final cause.
OUR HISTORY In 1988, Projet Point Final was proposed by the Miller family to the Montreal municipal court. The objective was to provide a free and viable alternative to incarceration for repeat offenders of impaired driving. Originally run by Bryan Miller, one on one meetings were the norm. The intent was to help repeat offenders with their addiction, encourage them to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and sensitize them to the consequence of driving under the influence.A few years later, the program was so successful that Bryan’s brother, Barry Miller, stepped in to make group meetings possible. Barry and Bryan knew they needed to make a difference; they themselves being recovered alcoholics, it was imperative for them to use their life experiences to welcome people with open arms and walk with them towards a new and sober life. Today, Projet Point Final offers six full educational meetings a week and is still family operated by their daughters, Kim and Debbie. Together they are proud to carry forward the values that the program was founded on. Over the past 27 years, much has changed with regards to society’s understanding of alcohol, drugs and their effects on driving. As a result, laws have changed and so has our program. We examined our statistics and noticed an increase in young impaired drivers. Projet Point Final has evolved from taking only repeat offenders to now include first time offenders to educate them and promote awareness to end impaired driving recidivism.
Our Office: 7105 rue St-Hubert Bureau 202 Mtl, Qc H2S 2N1 TEL: 514-564-6909 FAX: 514-564-6919

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